Vihara Foundation recognizes farmers and farming communities are “the thread” that make up “the fabric” of local, national and global food security, and their plight, welfare and sustainability is intrinsically tied to the stable functioning of international policies (trade, migration, resource management, political stability and conflict resolution, etc).

Hence, unsustainable livelihood at the farming level is not independent and mutually exclusive of our needs and sustainability, and whose needs are met with contentment and enjoyment (meaning, those as the consumer end of the supply chain typically and inadvertently do not relate to and are at most times not aware of the hardship and poverty experienced by those at the producing end, and the projected risks involved in not mitigating such problem).

Yes! There is a fine thread attached between poverty and (y)our food security and stable/sustainable livelihood. Additionally, this is threatened on a broader scale by Climate Change.

Support Poverty and Climate Mitigation!