On Poverty: The vision of the Vihara Foundation (regarding poverty) is to stand out as a community-of-practice leader and innovator in program and project development for helping communities achieve sustainable livelihood, overcome poverty, destitution and underdevelopment, and promote communities with sustainable environment and ecology that support climate change mitigation and resilience (environmental triggers of poverty). 

On Climate: The vision of the Vihara Foundation (regarding climate change and climate mitigation) is to support program and project development that assists the global concerted efforts and calls for carbon reduction, carbon sequestration, and carbon economy. Vihara Foundation will champion innovation for
 energy efficient buildings (new and retrofits), energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.

Development Finance
:  The vision of the Vihara Foundation (regarding creative development financing) is to champion innovative program and project development to achieve scalable fundrasing for the purpose of supporting impact-of-scale initiatives for poverty alleviation and climate mitigation. Vihara Foundation will also focus on advancing equitable distribution of wealth strategy and policy (for countering poverty) and creating new banking  mechanisms for development financing. 



1) Identify opportunities to address poverty alleviation and economic diversification/empowerment within selected countries, and research and design projects and strategies to complement these conditions.

2) Counter the specific root causes contributing to poverty in rural farming communities of North India, implementing a whole-system integrated-sustainable development project design in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh (the Vihar Poverty Project), and empower and uplift poor and destitute women and farm labouring communities out of present destitute situations

3) Institutionalize to train and replicate the Vihar Project’s  whole-system integrated-sustainable methodology to other poverty stricken regions where applicable in India (and globally).

4) Facilitate zero budget natural farming strategies that would aid climate mitigation and resiliency, reduce and sequester carbon, and eliminate need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides

5) Development creative mechanisms of financing (Rock against Poverty) that would free the needy of dependence from international donors and financiers


Introduce opportunities to support climate change through addressing areas of high greenhouse gas pollution from building energy use and transportation, and research and design strategies/policies to:

1) Support introduction into building industry of Super Energy Efficient (SEE) Building Design and Retrofit into urban city communities

2) Support new mechanisms of climate mitigation finance for buildings energy efficiency [that includes a process of total life cycle valuation (TLCv)]

Creative Development Financing

1) Introduce new fundraising mechanisms for financing development initiative globally

2) Advance the establishment of a Creative Development Fundraising Platform using the basis of Music, Art, Sports, and Culture (Rock against PovertyTM)

3) Advance policy development for Total Life Cycle Valuation financing (or value-chain financing)

4) Advance the establishment of a financing mechanism for sustainable projects via implementation of a Diaspora Banking Model


1) Advance financing for the Vihara Poverty Project implementation through multiple funding channels

2) Launch first Rock against PovertyTM charitable concert in South East Asia, concurrent with expansive program development for other venues and events

3) Support disaster rebuilding and resiliency in the Caribbean specific to agriculture development and disaster preparedness

4) Advance discussions for scalable industrial hemp cultivation in the Caribbean and a means of economic diversification for farmers’ empowerment and carbon sequestration