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Welcome to the Vihara Foundation

The Vihara Foundation (VF) is a Scientific and Educational non-profit (chartered in 2009) with a purpose of supporting innovative project development for Poverty Alleviation, Climate and Disaster Mitigation, and Creative Financing for Development (CFfD). VF is building a reputation in the non-profit space as an outside the box thinking NGO and a driver for whole-system-thinking project designs for poverty and climate issues. VF is also gaining spotlight for its work in currently constructing one of the non-profit’s sector most innovative Creative Development Fundraising initiative (for servicing these critical program areas) – The Rock against Poverty (RAP) Creative Development Fundraising Initiative.

VF is an action based organization with a team of development experts and volunteers spread across the globe. They are a low administrative budgeted operation, and operate globally from virtual technology platforms.

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Water sustainability is “at-risk” due to global population explosion and agriculture demand to produce more and more food to feed the world. Advancing water sustainability now will be the way for the future.

Ret. Exec. Dir., UNICEF Water & Sanitation, Gouri Sankar Ghosh

Co-Founder, Vihara Foundation

Innovation for Poverty Alleviation and now critical Climate Mitigation has never been in greater need to the urgent benefit of people, planet, and biodiversity.

Ret. UN Ambassador Byron Blake,

Co-Founder & Chairman

Innovating sustainable approaches to poverty alleviation

Empowering women & marginalized farmers

Conserving water resouces & biodiversity

Reducing carbon & aiding climate mitigation

Innovating sustainble economics & wealth creation

Facilitating disaster planning & emergency relief

Creatively raising Development Financing & Funding

Decomplexing the World’s most pressing Problems

Welcome to the Vihara Foundation (VF), a scientific and educational non-government organization (NGO) with a mission of researching, designing, and implementing new and innovative sustainable strategies for addressing poverty, climate mitigation, and financing for development issues (globally). Our areas of focus are global, with particular emphasis at present in India, Caribbean, Central America and Africa.

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For further information concerning the Vihara Foundation or any of its current or prospective projects, registrations, associates, or operations, please contact us via the following: General Email: [email protected]

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