Causes And Initiatives

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    Poverty AlleviationClimate MitigationCreative development financing/fundraisingSustainable Economic DiversificationDisaster planning & relief (caribbean and other areas)
    Rationale: Poverty alleviation approaches are seldom done from a whole-system design outlook, and of scalable impact design intent. The Vihar Project isone of the world’s first innovative approach to do so, and engages current model design and ground preparation social activities.Rationale: Poverty and Climate concerns are intrinsically related and affect each other interchangeably. Either loans to the other cause and effect relationship; Our support of the global-concerted efforts for Climate Mitigation is hence facilitated via the Vihara Foundation mission and initiatives.Rationale: Funding for Innovative Action Plans-of-scale for Poverty Alleviation and Climate Mitigation demand sustainable financing; this proves to be a challenge for whole-system project designs, and which is why Vihara Foundation is set to develop its own fundraising pathways.Rationale: In order to extend the work being done in the area of Poverty Alleviation and Climate Mitigation to other places around the world, the Caribbean Region has been selected as a key region for this knowledge transfer in aid of supporting economic diversification.Rationale: Climate Change presents a new and uncertain challenge to the Caribbean and other regions globally. Vihara Foundation has brought this into considerationand has made a decision to invest into strategy development and technologies for innovative disaster planning and relief.
    Vihar Poverty Alleviation Project, Ballia, India– A 28-point strategy approach for whole-system thinking integrated-sustainable model design for addressing poverty alleviation and rural sector development.Zero-Budget Natural Farming- Education and Promotion of Indian’s expanding Zero Chemical Use/Zero Pesticide Use, water conserving natural farming techniques (by Shri SubshashPalekar). This will result in greater yields with significant carbon offsets.Sustainable Development Impact Investment Fund viaRock against Poverty– A music driven fundraising initiative in support of generating needed funds for the deployment of sustainable projects.
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  • Agriculture Diversification for the Caribbean- (Scalable Industrial Hemp Enterprise Development for the Caribbean & South Central Americas)Comprehensive Contingency Conex- One-stop-shop/all-in one drop packup for hurricane and earthquake disaster relief). Provides shelter for housing and medical clinics, potable water for drinking and washing, renewable energy for power and cooking, toilets and cesspool, and rubble gasifying.
    Vihara(Joy) Medical Clinic Ballia – An active charitable medical outreach clinic commissioned in 2009 to a region where medical access to the poor is very limited and lacking. In 2017, clinic treated 100k patients.Natural Sequence Rejuvenation Landscape Agriculture (by Peter Andrews). A process of naturally replenishing groundwater resources and revitalizing the natural forestry, vegetation, biodiversity, and overall landscape health. Caribbean Development Sweepstake Fund. An USA based online sweepstake (legally vetted) for raising immediate funding for Caribbean rebuilding and recovery following the devastating Hurricanes of 2017.Caribbean Confederation of Farmers Association – an initiative to introduce farmers cooperative and direct application of Poverty and Climate Mitigation Strategies as being designed and formulated by the Vihara Foundation.Caribbean Rebuilding Efforts for Hurricane and Earthquake resilient houses (Industrial hemp integrated housing)
    Vihara Children School Ballia – An active charitable school designed to educate young children that would otherwise become illiterate. Also educates women and girls on health and social issues.Educational promotion of Scalable Industrial Hemp Enterprise Development. As one of the fastest growing resilient agricultural crop, scalable hemp will serve as natural carbon sequester, trapping millions of tons of carbon pollution.
  • Total Life Cycle Valuation– Value-Chain Based Financing Policy in development for funding sustainable projects using better identification of life-cycle values from within poverty afflicted value chains.
    ZBNFNatural Farming Training Extension,Ballia – An active hands on training to train selected farmers on practice of Zero Budge Natural Farming (ZBNF).Educational promotion of Hempcrete application for housing and for disaster rebuilding. Application of hempcrete for housing and construction will offset signification building related carbon pollution.
    Scalable Netzero Community Housing Retrofit. A model being designed forUrban Cities for achieving high building energy efficiency at scale in the residential sector
    Scalable impact renewable energy technologies. Providing educational and promotion for project integration of Hydrogen Energy, CO2 sequestration technologies, and gravitational transit.