Save The Earth, Save Lives
12 February, 2011
Public School 62, Grade 5, Queens New York

By: Dylan Ramdahin

You’ve probably seen an ice cream cone melting in the heat, that’s what’s happening to our planet. Every day we emit carbon dioxide into our atmosphere because of cars, smoking and anything else that gives off carbon dioxide. Everyone thinks that we have a negative effect on the environment. If you think that then you are mistaken, not all of us have a negative effect. Some of us are taking action, local, national, global, educating kids and using our power as consumers. I strongly believe that if we work together we can put an end to global warming.

Everyone is taking action and you need to take action too before it’s too late. For example, a Time for Kids article “Ruining the Rainforest” mentioned a foundation called World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They study the amazon and find ways to help it. Another example is in another TFK article where it said Mirina Sylva was a woman who tried to help the environment, but one day she took a stand and quit her job because her country wasn’t doing enough. So it is evident that you can do much more than just reuse, reduce and recycle.

We must educate and involve kids in global warming so they can help us. For one example at Mayor Bloomberg is trying to educate kids about trees. He even said you can adopt a tree! The website has different sections of the environment and its problems which is a great way to educate kids. Another way we can involve kids is mentioned in another TFK article,” Kids Lead the Way”. It said in Secaucus, New Jersey kids collect broken crayons and sends them to “Crazy Crayons” where they make the broken crayons into different shapes and sizes. So believe me when I say kids can get involved.

We can use our power as consumers to support businesses who care about the problem by buying their products. An example is a website called who gives a company a score for being green. For instance McDonalds has a score of 36, Starbucks has a score of 54 and finally Coco-Cola has a score of 67. So you must agree that we have power too.

Lastly the earth is like an ice cream cone and it’s just a matter of time before it melts but… we can stop it by taking action locally, nationally, globally, educating and involving kids and finally using our power as consumers. I strongly believe that if we work together we can STOP global warming!

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