Partnering Organizations with Vihara Foundation

1. UNESCO Center for Peace (New York State Chapter)

UNESCO NYS has teamed with the Vihara Foundation on its Rock against Poverty Campaign to create the RaP/VF-UNESCO branding. This collaboration is being advanced into commecial engagements for creatiive fundraising for both VF and UNESCO projects globally.

2. Fordham University, Center for International Policy Studies, New York

Fordham University since 2009 has been a forefront supporter of the VF Vihar Project in India. This have helped influence some of the economic design of the project, as well as other key areas.

3. Columbia University, New York

The Columbia University Dept of Hydrology (part of the Earth Instittute International Research Institute for Climate Prediction) has been an important supporter of the VF Vihar Project in India. The Dept of Hydrology, under Dr. Upmanu Lall, recognizes the threat to ground water and hydrological system in the project region and North India, stemming from massive and water intensive agricultural practices.

4. MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai, India

MSSRF has been a main partner and advisor of the VF Vihar Project since 2009. MSSRF remains one of the foremost respected institutions in India and globally working on the issue of food security, poverty and climate change. They are encouraging to the VF as a mentor in designing innovation into the the strategic model for countering poverty and climate change.

5. Engineers without Borders, Quebec, Canada

Engineer without Borders (EWB), Quebec, Canada, has been a main supporter of VF Vihar Project in India in its inception in 2009. EWB remains committed to supporting the implementation part of the ground work that will aid the fight on poverty and climate change.