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Poverty: A new generation of sustainable livelihood free of poverty, destitution and underdevelopment, and functioning in harmony within a sustainable environment and ecology supporting climate change mitigation.
Climate: A new era of environmentally responsible designed super energy efficient buildings and infrastructure (new and retrofits), that are sustainably financed, and collectively reduces the need for fossil fuel, and efficient use of renewalble energy generation.
Development Finance: A new era of creative development financing, that relies on offsetting system inefficiencies through life-cycle consideration and integration of new finance models.


Poverty:Identify opportunities to address poverty alleviation within developing and developed countries, and research and design strategies/policies to:
Counter the specific root causes contributing to poverty and poverty effects affecting rural farming communities and eventually other sectors.
Empower and uplift women and farm labourer communities out of present destitute situations to make a measurable contribution to achieving the 2015 MDG’s, and narrow the disparity between the have’s and have not’s
Make replicable this methodology to other areas/geographies where applicable and appropriate in India and globally
Facilitate strategies that would aid climate mitigation and counter global warming which threatens rural farming, farming livelihoods, and ecological sustainability
Development creative mechanisms of financing that would free the needy of dependence from international donors and financiers
Climate: Introduce opportunities to address climate change through addressing areas of high green house gas pollutions in developed countries (building energy use and transportation), and research and design strategies/policies to:
Support introduction into building industry of Super Energy Efficient (SEE) Building Design and Retrofit and associated industry training
Introduce new mechanisms of climate mitigation finance for buildings that includes a process of total life cycle valuation
Development Financing: Effect new mechanisms for financing development initiative globally:
Advance the establishment of a financing mechanism for sustainable projects via implementation of a Diaspora Banking Model
Advance the establishment of a Creative Development Fundraisinig Platform using the basis of Music, Art, Sports, and Culture.


Poverty: Support multiple facets of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) (through achieving optimum efficiency and productivity) to drive socio-economic-environmental development, all the while preserving and sustaining environmental and ecological quality (water and soil sustainability, pollution prevention, ecological preservation, energy efficiency), and social equality (women’s empowerment, child’s education and health), and closure of economic disparity (equitable distribution of wealth).
Climate: Make a positive difference in the area of climate change through implementation of pragmatic solutions for carbon reduction.
Development Finance: Structure creative financing mechanisms in aid of supporting poverty and climate mitigation objectives.