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The Vihara Teams

The Vihara Foundation comprises the following:

  • The Management Team (The Executive)
  • The Governing Body(The Board of Trustee)
  • The Project Design & Development Teams(comprising the Board of Advisors)

The Executive

President Dennis Ramdahin, MSc Founder & Executive Director (2009)
Treasurer Joanie Klar Environmental and Human Rights Activist
Secretary Currently Vacant (2017) Environmental and Human Rights Activist
Accountant Genroy Richards, CPA New York State Certified Public Accountant
Legal Counsel Yvette Sterling, Esq. Legal Attorney in NYS, and NJ
Assistant to the President SharlaKarji, MD Clinical Psychologist (by Profession)
Chief Technology Officer Naveen Goud, PhD Analytical Scientist (by Profession)
Chief Communication Officer Suzanne Mahadeo, MA Professional Journalist (by Profession)

The Governing Body (The Board of Trustees)

Chairman Byron Blake Co-Founder, Senior Economist, Jamaica’s Ambassador to United Nations (Ret)
Trustee GouriSankar Ghosh, PhD Co-Founder, Former Exec Director UNICEF Water & Sanitation (Ret)
Trustee Shri SubshashPalekar Natural Farming Scientist and recipient India’s highest civilian award
Trustee Ebony Kirkland, PhD Philanthropist and Woman Rights Activist
Vacant Currently Vacant

Project Development Teams

The Vihara Foundation is one organization of many globally that is contributing to the cause of humanity and protection of planet. Our approach is to formulate teams and design projects that can have meaningful impact-of-scale.Our experts and specialists make upvarious teams steering and advising dynamic project developmentsin support ofvarious yetinterrelated causes. While the idea to start the Vihara Foundation was initiated with the need to formalize ground work, efforts, and contributions to create a solution model for alleviating poverty-at-scale in Bihar/Uttar Pradesh, India ((one of the world’s most poverty stricken regions), our scope, mission and team have since expanded to now focus on five key areas:

  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Climate Mitigation/Climate Adaption
  • Creative Development Financing (Financing for Development)
  • Sustainable Economic Diversification (for ailing communities subject to poverty onset)
  • Disaster Planning and Relief

Projects are managed by individual strategic development and planning teams which are directly involved in the day-to-day planning and decision-making for steering the projects towards implementation.

Poverty Team

The ViharPoverty Project Team (Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India)

The Global Poverty Team is made up of advisorsof various expertise and ground implementation members the project levels. Team members are positioned across the globe and connect virtually, and on occasions meet face to face. The advisory team works in collaboration with the ground team to advance the agenda of farmers and women empowerment in sync with community empowerment and overall need for social, economic, and environmental sustainable development.

The team includes:

Project Chair(Carribean) Byron Blake Economic and Development Advisory
Project Lead(USA) Dennis Ramdahin Master Planner and Project Coordinator
Project Advisor(India) GouriSankar Ghosh, PhD Water & Sanitation, and Political Coordination
Project Advisor(India) Shri SubshashPalekar Natural Farming Lead
Project Architect(Australia) Will Marcus (Australia) Master Planner and Architect
Project Advisor(Australia) Peter Andrews Landscape and biodiversity rejuvenation and groundwater replenishment
Project Advisor(Australia) Ron Blankenforth Renewable Energy Coordinator
Project Advisor(USA) Joanie Klar Social Architect
Project Administrator(India) ShivaniShrivastra Social Advocate and Journalist
Project Administrator (London) Rakesh Sinha Policy Coordinator
Project Coordinator (Ballia, India) Vinod Tiwari Ground Implementation Director
Project Coordinator (Ballia, India) Vijay Sankar Tiwari Farmer Cooperative Implementation Director
Project Advocate (India) Vivendra Dubey, Ph.D Development Communication
Economic & Marketing Modelling (USA) Erick RengifoMinaya, Ph.D. Economist, Fordham University New York, Center for International Policy Studies
Hydrology & Ground-water Advisor (USA) UrapamLall, Ph.D Senior Hydrological Researcher, Columbia University, Earth Institute
Hydro-geology Advisor (Canada) Diane Germain, Ph.D Senior Hydro-geologist, Engineers without Borders
Soil Physics Advisor (India) ParthoSarathi Pal Rice Cultivation, Irrigation, Instrumentations and Controls Specialist
Agronomist John Muir Rice Cultivation and horticulture

A ground implementation team (the stakeholder owners and managers of the project) comprising of a dedicated group of college educated village youths, small farmers, large farmers, village leaders, women, and experience industry professionals (lawyers, economist, doctors, engineers, etc). The project provides a common platform for all to engage in the common cause of development. The Ground Implementation Team in India, has been in existence since April 2009 and comprise key professionals taking on the cause for poverty alleviation at the village level; the ground team works with the strategic purpose ofbuilding community relations and project confidence to advance the Vihar’s Project’s whole-system-design and beta-testing in the field.

In Picture: Key members of the Ground Team of the Vihar Project, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India. Dennis Ramdahin, (center middle back); Vinod Tiwari, Ground Implementation Coordinator (stooping)

Climate Mitigation Team

Super Energy Efficient Building Initiative for Climate Action (SEEBICATM)

The Super Energy Efficient Building Initiative for Climate Action (SEEBICATM) is a work-in-progress urban residential housing retrofit program (1-4 family) being design to achieve scalable community energy efficiency and renewable energy in New York City, and eventually to other cities in America. The project is being driven by almost a 15 years of work in building energy efficiency and renewable energy, and is geared to demonstrate the practical application of scalable retrofitting in urban cities for achieving carbon emissions reduction. This project aims to achieve setting up a training institute in New York City, that would provide training of contractors and quality control inspectors to deliver state-of-the-art super energy efficient (at least 75 percent energy efficiency above base) to net-zero buildings (retrofits and new construction).

Project Lead(USA) Dennis Ramdahin Master Planner and Project Coordinator
Community Lead Frank Hurley Political Advisor, Crown Heights Community, Brooklyn
Federal Housing Advisor Ebony Kirkland, PhD Political Advisor
Green Architect(India) Sanjay Murkerjee Eco-community buildings and housing development
Historic Preservationist Juan Blanco Ruiz, RA Green architecture and green energy

Energy-Economic-Carbon Financial Risk Management Decision Making Tool – Total Life Cycle Valuation (TLCv)

Considered the key research that gave the driving force to create the Vihara Foundation, research continues to be advanced to create a software “Energy-Economic-Carbon Risk Management Financial Decision-making Tool” in support of providing a simplified mechanism by which to valuate energyefficiency investment risks in large building and infrastructure projects, and now, to value total life-cycle values in poverty stricken rural sector farming regions.

Currently, the team comprises:

Project Lead(USA) Dennis Ramdahin TLCv Developer
Financial Engineering Advisor Raymond Myrthil, PhD Finance Architect
Data Analytics Naveen Goud, PhD Programmer and Coder
Data Analyst Agustin Antwi, ABD Data Programmer

Creative Development Financing Teams

Rock against Poverty (RaPTM)

Rock against Poverty (RaP TM) creative development fundraising drive is lead by a team comprising events management experts, music industry experts, business management strategists, and other stakeholders who believe in using the basis of the people to support the cause of planet and humanity. To date RaPTM has teamed with UNESCO NYS Chapter (2013-2014), has engaged the advisory of the Jimi Hendrix Charity, and is currently teamed with Metavent Australia Pty Ltd. This team is steered by Dennis Ramdahin, and comprise of many others positioned in US, India, and Australia.

Project Lead(USA) Dennis Ramdahin, MSc Founder and Strategic Developer Advisor
Strategic Business Development Coordinator (USA) Dale Stephens Honorary Co-Founder
Strategic Business Development Coordinator (Australia) Ron Blankenforth RaP Project Director, Vihara Foundation
Chief Technology Officer Naveen Goud, PhD Programmer and Coder
Virtual Reality Event Master Planner Joel de Ross Metavents and Future Music Founder
Legal Counsel Graeme Little RaP Legal Advisory
Strategic Business Developer (Philippines) Will Marcus RaP Business Advancement